USA midfielder Yunus Musah has shouted out to his fans after being named the 2022 American Football Young Player of the Year.

  • Musah started at the World Cup
  • Only 20 years old
  • Thanked fans for creating a meme about him

WHAT HAPPENED? A fan vote accounted for 15% of the award selection process, and Musah placed first, receiving 83.9% of the ballots. The Valencia midfielder was the subject of an online joke where people fondly wrote that Musah couldn’t be spelled without the United, and he said he appreciated the attention.

WHAT THEY SAID: “To the fans since they started the ‘Can’t spell Musah without USA’ thing, through qualifying and the World Cup, I feel like the fans have been behind me for so long – since before I even did anything in football,” Moussah said. “As we continued to play and they enjoyed the way I was playing and everything, I just want to thank them for their incredible support and trust from day one. The USMNT fans are amazing and I love them.

THE BIGGEST PICTURE: Musah also thanked his coaching staff, adding: “I’ve said it many times – I had the confidence of the manager, the team, the United States to play so many games at this young age. It shows me that I just have to keep going the way I do, stay humble and keep working hard to try to be more, as a player you just want to keep improving.


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WHAT IS THE SUITE FOR MUSAH? The midfielder is expected to be at the peak of his career when the 2026 World Cup is played on American soil, and he could once again play a major role for his country in this tournament.

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