YouTube on Friday lifted a ban on Donald Trump, allowing the former president to post new content on the video-sharing site. Trump had been banned from posting new videos on the platform after leading a failed coup attempt at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“As of today, the Donald J. Trump Channel is unrestricted and can upload new content. We have carefully assessed the continued risk of real-world violence, while balancing the odds for voters to ‘hear alike from leading national candidates in the run-up to an election,’ YouTube said in a statement. tweet friday.

“This channel will continue to be subject to our policies, like any other channel on YouTube,” the company continued.

Trump was banned from YouTube after trying to prevent Congress from certifying the 2020 presidential election with a crowd of thousands who had gathered in Washington DC for a so-called ‘Stop the Steal’ rally . The former president claimed without evidence that the election was stolen from him by President Joe Biden.

Other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have also lifted their bans on Trump, although the former president has yet to post on those platforms. Trump has an exclusive deal to first post content on the social media platform he created, Truth Social, which has struggled to acquire users.

Trump has yet to post any new content to YouTube on Friday.

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